Official Rules


Here are the main Rules and Regulations that you must abide by during your time with us. Have a read through and make sure you understand, any questions and queries can be asked in our OOC Board or to an administrator once registered.
Last Updated, February 09, 2018


  • Before you register with UFA, please check the Taken Pic Base List & Taken Theme List to ensure that your character is available for selection.
  • Deceased wrestlers and authority figures are NOT accepted without prior permission from the Owner.
  • Real Wrestlers are NOT allowed. This is called Fantasy Wrestling for a reason.


  • If for some reason you are not able to RP for Madness please let us know by posting under the Booking Department.
  • If you are inactive for a month (ie: do not log in) your account will be moved to Rookie status with limited board access. After another month your account will be deleted. We understand that there are times when things come up unexpectedly.
  • Keep in mind that we are not strict about activity, we just ask that you keep active enough to know you have a match or at least keep in contact with a member of the staff to let him/her know what is going on with your situation.


  • Respect others and myself. You will receive the same amount of respect in return. Please try to keep everything that happens In Character, just that.. In Character. I have seen feds fall apart because of whining and bickering Out Of Character.
  • In no way, shape or form is your drama allowed on our E-Fed. If you have problems with another member, kindly keep it out of the UFA. Our forums are not a place for you to air your dirty laundry, let alone someone else’s.
  • Advertising, Spamming and Flaming will be dealt with in similar fashion, and rest assured you will never return here. If you wish to advertise your fed or the fed of a friend, CONTACT THE ADMIN.


  • If you have a question for the General Manager, by all means contact him/her, they will be happy to help.
  • Match Results are final. End of story.
  • Angle suggestions are welcomed, but will not necessarily be used. More information is available in General Information.


  • We have one bi-weekly show called Monday Madness which falls on every other Monday and deadline is every other Saturday at 11:59 PM. In the event of a Pay Per View, there will not be a Madness that week.
  • Failure to show more than three times will be resulted with your contract being terminated.
  • The maximum role-play limit for Madness is 2 RPs per person in a Singles Match, 2 per person in a Tag Team Match and 1 per person in a Tournament/Gauntlet match.The same role-play limit applies for PPVs.
  • Please DO NOT post links as your RPs.
  • Please DO NOT post more than one RP in 24 hours.
  • Please try to post your first RP at least 1 hour before the deadline.
  • Anyone who is seen ripping any role-play or stealing any RPs should be reported to the staff team. Once the evidence has been reviewed the appropriate action will be taken.
  • Do NOT use someone elses character in an RP unless you have their permission. This includes show promos and backstage attacks. I have to stress this now because I it has happened in the past and can become an issue.
  • Make sure your role plays longer than 10 to 15 lines at the very least. If you have trouble creating longer Role Plays, all you need to do is just ASK! That is what we are here for. To help you out!
  • Racist/Sexual remarks will not be tolerated. IE: “Faggot” or “Queer” on the OOC boards. We are not here to point out anyone’s weaknesses OUT OF CHARACTER. Doing so may result in you having a lot of losses.
  • Treat each other with the respect that you would expect for yourself, we are all one community!


  • Enjoy yourself. If for any reason you aren’t enjoying yourself, let someone know so that we can and will work with you. It is slightly annoying but over all frustrating to have someone up and quit or blow up without telling anyone why.
  • This is a game which means HAVE FUN! Please keep it that way.

Enjoy your time here in the Ultimate Fighting Association!
Jada Lynn Bradshaw Petreko
Owner of UFA

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